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For those of you who live in the greater Montpellier area and are not yet very comfortable with french, I have added this page for you.

As a canadian therapist here in France, I felt that it was important to reach out to all the anglophones who may be looking for a therapist that they could talk to in their native tongue.

Having started my studies of psychology in Ottawa, I chose to continue here in Montpellier with a different orientation that took me towards Freudian psychoanalysis.

I also studied Ericksonian hypnosis as an additional tool in the understanding of our subconscious mind as well as another powerful tool based on eye movement (EMDR) allowing emotional shock to be completely evacuated.

This technique is particularly helpful in traumatic events that have not been resolved through the normal processes and have left painful emotional lesions.

Whether it be trauma, depression, personal crises and other types of inner conflicts, these will affect us in the way that we behave, how we perceive ourselves and others and can also impact our physical health. It is for these reasons that it is important to take the time for therapy.

I am myself under permanent supervision through my federation (Federation Freudienne de Psychanalyse) and have undergone my own analysis in order to be perfectly neutral towards my patients.

Feel free to contact me for more information, I will be happy to answer any questions.


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